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Hunting simulator game it' now on that is accurate and realistic, designed specifically for hunters. The games provide the option to train very natural hunting conditions up to 1000m using a visual 3D ballistic tool that is simple to use. Practice deer hunting or other game species with a realistic adjustable rifle scope, precise ballistics, and various environmental variables such as distance, wind, movement, direction, vertical angle, and the amount of daylight available to you at your location. After a shot has been taken, you may examine and analyze your hit. Hunting whitetail deer, elk, roe deer, moose, wild boar, red deer, and fox are some of the animals you may practice on.
About Hunting Simulator?
Hunting Simulator is a game that any hunter will like. It's as easy as that: hunt or be hunted. You have hunter instincts, there are animals around, update your weapons for clear shots, and the closer you are to the animals, the greater your chances of catching them are. As the clock ticks down, you must acquire a clear shot before sending the hunters out on the hunt. Some animals are deadly and will fight back if they are threatened. Each perfect print awards you with unlocked levels, but be wary of the timer, as it may run out very quickly. Also, remember that every shot counts in this realistic shooting game!
The following features are included: 
-Imperial and metric units.
-Adjustable reticle with pinpoint accuracy.
-First/second focal plane zooming in and out of the scope.
-A range of up to 1000m in a realistic environment.
-View the vital signs of animals in great detail.
-Variable wind speed, distance, animal heading, and walking pace are all options.
-Hunt mode employs a random wind, distance, and animal movement to locate prey.
-The score in hunt mode is accumulated from your most recent shots.
-Simulate hunting in low light conditions.
-Simulate the occurrence of a trigger delay.
-3D statistics on the influence of numerous animals.
-A bullet trajectory that can be seen in slow motion (tracer)
-Realistic kill when a critical zone is hit.
Calculations of the ramifications:
-energy -energy depletion
-Velocity of impact
-the effect of wind drag -the effect of animal movement on impact
Click adjustment for scope -bullet drop -bullet flight time -bullet flight time.

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Release Date        Thursday,  December 14, 2021
Developer             TastyCherryGames
Platform                PC, and Web browser.

Content rating 
 Pegi 12

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