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Description: Are you a big fan of online horse racing games? Then give it a try and see if you like this new 3D Horse Racing Fantasy games. Horse Racing Fantasy it's simulation of the classic arena racing animal games. Easy and fun to play, this fast free and exciting horse racing game has been developed by Horse Racing Simulation LLC, the world's leading developer of virtual horse racing games.You represent the jockey in this game and you must race other in the a 1,000-lb thoroughbred. First select your horse and name it. Speed up your horse and use wise the whip to preserve the horse energy till the end of the race. If you will whip the horse to much in the beginning you will lose at the end. Because he will lose all his energy to fast and the other will overcome you. Do your best and try to qualify for the first place. Have fun and remember speed it's not always the key to win a racing.Have fun online and be the best horse rider from this new 3D Horse Racing Fantasy games. Good luck and enjoy!
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