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Description: Honor And Duty and Honor And Duty 2 is now live on Experience the thrill of armed conflict in Asia and take part in the battle that is becoming a real threat to the worldwide peace. Diplomats and politicians are unable to solve this danger. They are talking more than taking actions. It is up to you, skilled soldiers who can become decisive factors of such warfare. You will be sent to the front line with no hope of survival. Fight for your life and do not let your enemies to kill you. Choose from several classes, each with unique play style and range of weapons. Choose your primary and secondary weapon and get ready for the total bloodbath. Use health and ammo kits to support your team on one of the many impressively designed maps. War in Asia has just begun! Have fun.
Tags: tagpacogames tagshooting tagwar tagasia conflict tagarmy tagwar tagtraining tagmultiplayer

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