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Description: Looking for a heavy driving or racing truck games? To have some fun online for free and improve your online driving skills? Then try this new challenge from Heavy truck games. In heavy trucks games you will take your heavy vehicle and try to win the racing competition against your friends. Use your arrow keys to drive, your X key to activate NOS power and your C key to use your magnet. The NOS will give you some extra speed and the magnet will help you attract all the collectibles around. Both of them are limited, but you can refill their bars by picking up power ups along the way. You should also collect fuel, because if you run out you can lose the game, health because you will lose some every time you crash into something and coins, which you can use to buy upgrades later. You can improve your speed, health, NOS power, NOS capacity and fuel tank. During the race you can see your magnet, NOS, fuel and health bars in the bottom left corner of the screen, a mini map where you can see where you and competitors are, the number of laps, your coins collected so far, your current level and your timer. Do your best and be the best driver online and from this new heavy trucks games. Good luck!
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