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Game info: Heavy Crane Parking Description

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Description: Looking for the hardest online crane parking games? To play for free and have the best time online. Then here on we present the latest heavy crane parking games from In heavy crane parking your mission is to drive and park the heavy crane without crashing it. Cranes are incredible vehicles that can pick up insanely heavy stuff. Now prove in this intense game, and try with this opportunity to check out for yourself all the possibilities. This crane is a bit more special than the ones you are used to, because it can lift some very heavy things. So you can use it to construct some incredible things. In each level you will be able to build something different. You can put the wagons of a train in order, construct a spaceship, build a house, a stadium, a ship, a bridge, a roller coaster and even a monster crane. Just look around the map, find the pieces, pick them up with your crane and carefully drive to the location indicated by the small arrow, then place them until you complete your construction. Try to drive the crane in the safest place and in the shortest time. Do not damage to much your crane, because you will have to restart the game. Use space to brake the heavy crane and make it stop right where you need it to stop. Prove yourself in some of the toughest levels you ever seen. Finish all eight of them and improve your skills to be the best driver online and from this new heavy crane parking games. As always have the best tine with some of the neatest heavy truck games. Good luck and have fun!
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