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Game info: Halloween Spooky Motocross

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Description: Are you looking for something weird and spooky? We've got the right game for you here on this new driving mottocross game called ''Halloween Spooky Motocross''. This place you're driving doesn't seem like the world you've used to. Everywhere you're looking there is a devilish look from a creepy pumpkin, shadows are right beside you and not to mention the odd looks that scarecrows are giving you are terrifying. Try to overcome this Halloween obstacles and keep your eyes on your goal; and that is to drive away in order to escape this hell. You will find delicious candies on your way, in every level and you can collect as many as you please, just to get a sweet taste in this awful place. As you advance in the level, you will have to be careful to the steep ramps that are placed in such a way to kill you. Even though you have more than one life, you have to save them for the worst situations. Every stage of the game will try to make it even harder than the last one to keep you captive in this game. But the help of your strong skills in driving a motocross you will become fearless. Share our game with your friends and see which one is can endure more and who wasn't born to become dauntless.
Tags: tagmotocross tagskills taghalloween tagdrive tagscary

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