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Game info: Gib Fest Multiplayer Description

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Description: Gib Fest Multiplayer is an action game. Only at free online games. They escaped from New York. To be more precise, they thought they had escaped. The train was moving ahead, straight to the east coast. It was late night and everyone felt so tired they could hardly keep their eyes opened. A sudden noise woke up everyone. A minute later the train was off rails. The people who lived there must have blocked the railway to defend themselves. They thought that trains had stopped running and there was no use of the railway anyway. The loud noise stratled all creatures nearby. New troubles were on their way. At first you have to kill some cows then mutants.You need to collect the coins for earning money. With money, you can buy a better weapon. Every guy from the team is unique. Each one has it's own unique skill. To pley this game, you need the arrows, "E" key to activate the skill, "Q"key to change your gun, "R" key to recharge, "C" key to customize char. Enjoy the battle
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