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Become a member of a gang...if you never had a chance in this epic fun shooter game called Gangsta Wars. In the Gangsta Wars game, you will be playing a nice-looking 3D shooting game where you have recently become the real gangsta and your first mission is to blast away your enemies and rule the streets.
Use a large variety of guns to be able to shoot and kill as many enemies. Always try to fast reload your gun and avoid the incoming bullets or the baseball beats that the other gangster uses to hurt you. Try to survive as long as possible and have fun with this epic survival gangster game. Good luck and have fun!

Release Date

Apr 22, 2018


Gangsta Wars is developed by

  • Nice looking 3D graphics with great FPS gameplay.
  • Many types of gangsters with different abilities.
  • Large waves of enemies making the game extremely hard.
  • Take advantage of higher grounds to survive more.
  •  Always use medic kits to refill your life bar.

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