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Emerge into the future in this 3D first person shooting game and join in a fierce fight to survive and dominate the playground area. Start the game and select one of our three heroes available in the game:

: equipped with sniper, pistol, knife and the ability to regenerate.
Tank : Equipped with a shotgun, knife and the ability to shield or armoury +50.
Fighter : Equipped with rifle, knife and the ability to slide. There are other weapons that the heroes don't have, like the RPG rocket launcher.

Each day you play the game, you will be rewarded from the reward box with money and experience. Level-up unlocks more powerful weapons and finds the perfect hiding spots while killing the other players. Watch walkthroughs and YouTube videos to improve your strategy and become the best player online. If you enjoy this game, you can also try similar shooting games from Freeze Nova, like Galactic Alien Mars, Fortnite Online: China and Combat Reloaded. Good luck, and enjoy shooting.

Release Date

November 2018


Galactic Force was developed by Freeze Nova.
  • A fun 3D first-person shooting game with detailed graphics.
  • Select from one of the 3 different heroes: Sniper, Tank, and Fighter.
  • One large map with endless possibilities.
  • Many types of weapons like pistols, shotguns, rifles, and RPGs.
  • Level up system based on kills and daily game-plays
  • Daily rewards will provide money and XP for levelling up.
  • Some weapons require level 10, level 20 and level 30 to play with them.
  • Addicting and fun to play.
Web browser.

More Information About Galactic Force
It's a fun-to-play First-Person Shooter game with awesome weapons and skins. Galactic Force and more awesome counter-strike multiplayer games are free to play online on Try similar games like Combat Reloaded and Swat Warfare, and have a blast online!
video instructions and YouTube game-play.

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