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Rain of Fish: The Ultimate Fishing Odyssey
Immerse yourself in the realm of "Rain of Fish," an interactive fishing simulation that introduces users to authentic fishing environments abundant with genuine aquatic animals. This interactive application offers users a very immersive fishing encounter that transcends mere entertainment, providing a lifelike experience that blurs the boundaries between the physical and virtual realms, captivating users with each successful catch.


  • Authentic Locations: Cast your line in real-world fishing spots and feel the thrill of capturing the native fish of these waters.
  • Diverse Marine Life: With over 200 distinct fish species to catch, including pike, catfish, perch, salmon, carp, shark, and many more, every fishing trip is a new adventure.
  • Player Interaction: Engage in real-time discussions with fellow players. Share your catches, swap stories, and dive into an interactive fishing community.
  • Grow Your Profits: Unlock unique fishing spots, sell your prized catches in the market, and watch your earnings soar.
  • Gear Up: Utilize the money earned to buy upgraded equipment. From advanced fishing rods and bait to nets and other accessories, always stay a step ahead of the fish.
  • Dynamic Day Cycle: Experience fishing under diverse conditions. Whether it's the blazing midday sun, the serene chill of dawn, the tranquillity of dusk, or the mystery of nighttime, every time of day offers a unique fishing experience

How to Play:

Engage with real players, showcasing and sharing your prized catches. You have access to over 200 different fish species. Unlock multiple unique spots and boost your earnings by selling your catch. Spend your earnings on new equipment, bait, nets, and other useful fishing accessories. The game also features a dynamic time change, allowing you to fish not just under the scorching daytime sun but also during the cool morning, evening, or even at night. Wishing you a triumphant fishing adventure!

Set your bait, cast your line, and immerse yourself in the most authentic fishing saga. Welcome to "Rain of Fish" - where every catch tells a story.

Content rating      Pegi 3

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Release Date        March 2023
Date Added         Chicago Time: 11 September 2023

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