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Description: Welcome to the most exciting tower defense game online, here on BrightyGames. You have now the most important task to solve. Take the role of a clever commander and fight for the most precious aspect of human being. Enjoy this unique experience and fight for your life in the human body. Your major task is to fight against bacteria and viruses. They should not pass through the defense system. You have to think tactically and apply a plan so you can defeat the enemy hordes. This challenging game offers you the possibility to construct and upgrade buildings, reinforce troops, support them with special upgrades and annihilate the enemy with special powers. Play intense and save your life. Battlefields are situated in17 human body organs like aorta, appendix, stomach and you will fight even in brain. Use also your observation skills because enemies can also use some tactics. Flu divides itself and nicotine can be invisible. Have fun playing Defend your life! online and for free here on BrightyGames and don't forget, whatever happens life goes on!
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