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Game info: Dawn Of The Celebs 2

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Description: Free online on new game called ''Dawn of the Celebs 2''. It seems that friends of Silverster Stallone from the industry are not such friends as they initially seemed to be. Silvester bought a new limousine and his "friends" are apparently envy now, because they want to get there even through Silvesters corpse. It would not have been such a problem, but these "former celebrities" are now zombies. How did it happen? Do not ask me, it is just as it is. Now they are simply bloodthirsty zombies who want to see Silvester dead. But Silverster has a lot of experience from all the action films he made, so he will surely know, how to deal with this unpleasant situation. Buy better weapons and a bunch of other upgrades, so those zombies die even faster. Have fun.
Tags: tagdawn of the celebs 2 tagkill tagweapon tagaim tagshooting tagfree online tagsilverster stallone tagguns tagupgrade

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