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Description: Play online 3D Unity Darts game here on BrightyGames. Darts offers more different types of games for playing. Today we will be playing probably the easiest type which is ideal especially for beginners because is very easy and gives enough time to concentrate on throwing. Its name and the goal is very simple. At the start of the game every player has the same number of points. The goal therefore is reach the score 0. (Thrown points are subtracted from the initial). Good is also to know, what value each field has. Well, the little red center = 50 points, the green area around the center = 25 points. Then the target has other two narrow annulus. The annulus nearer the center gives treble of thrown number and the farther double of thrown number. Hint for what would be good to throw you see in the bottom. Ok, now you know everything, so let's to game. Have fun!
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