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Bad Egg: Uprising of the Zombie Chicks, try it now unblocked on Brightygames! From the ingenious minds behind Shell Shockers, step into a wacky post-apocalyptic egg-venture in "Bad Egg." You're no ordinary egg - the last line of defence against a horde of ravenous zombie chicks. The abandoned farm is now a battlefield, ground zero for a peculiar virus that transformed innocent chickens into ferocious feathered friends. Can you crack the mystery before they crack you?

Unique Features:

  • Survive the Swarm: As the cool egg protagonist, face off against relentless waves of zombie chicks. Every lock is tougher than the last, but so are you.
  • Golden Opportunity: Eliminate your enemies to collect golden eggs. These eggs aren’t just shiny trinkets; they're the key to levelling up and enhancing your skills. Become the ultimate egg warrior!
  • Boss Battles: Think the chicks are menacing? Wait till you face their towering bosses. These mega-monsters will challenge all your egg-combat skills.
  • Race against Time: Survive long enough; a rescue helicopter will whisk you away. But can you hold out till then?

Game Mechanics:

  1. Mobility is Key: The expansive map offers numerous hideouts and strategic points. But remember, standing still is a recipe for disaster. Always stay on the move!
  2. Shell Defense: Your shell is your life. Guard it fiercely. You'll be in a real scramble if it takes too much damage. Becoming an omelette isn't part of the plan!
  3. Power-Ups Galore: Use your collected golden eggs to purchase game-changing power-ups. Boost your speed, fortify your defence, or ramp up your firepower. The choice is yours!
  4. Unlock Arsenal and Allies: As you progress, unlock devastating weapons and quirky characters. Each new addition brings a fresh strategy and dynamic to the game.
  5. Leaderboard Legends: Set impressive records and ascend the global leaderboard. The world must know of your exceptional skills!

Ready to shell out some justice? Dive into "Bad Egg" and show those zombie chicks you won't be fried with! 
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Date added         Chicago Time: 13 September 2023
Content rating     Everyone, Pegi 3

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