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Arrow King: Rise to Archery Glory! 
Embark on a thrilling archery adventure in "Arrow King," where you step into the shoes of a skilled archer on a quest for glory in a mesmerizing medieval world. Your journey will take you through challenging targets, intricate levels, and numerous obstacles as you strive to become the ultimate Arrow King.

Precision and Timing Are Key: Test your precision and timing as you perfect your archery skills. Navigate through a variety of challenging levels that will put your accuracy to the ultimate test. Master the art of archery, refine your aim, and take down targets with unmatched skill. Can you hit the bullseye and rise to the challenge?

Explore a Stunning Medieval World: Immerse yourself in the rich visuals of a medieval world brought to life with stunning graphics. Traverse through diverse landscapes, from lush forests to ancient castles; each setting adds a layer of intrigue and challenge to your archery journey. Experience the thrill of aiming for glory in a captivating environment.

Addictive Gameplay for All: Whether you're a casual player or an archery enthusiast, "Arrow King" offers addictive gameplay that will keep you engaged for hours. Enjoy the perfect blend of challenging levels and rewarding achievements as you progress through the game. Every shot counts on your quest to claim the coveted title of Arrow King. Remember that every shot counts in this realistic bow shooting game! I hope you have fun!

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Release Date         December 2023
Date added           Chicago Time: 22 December 2023 08:54
Developer             AlexGames
Platform                PC, Web browser and also on mobile devices.

Content rating 
     Pegi 5

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