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Game info: A Gun In Time

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Description: Play the latest intense action and shooting games with weapons and vikings! Click to play A Gun In Time games for free here on In A Gun In Time games it's all about In the old days, when the Vikings were setting out on marauding expeditions to southern and western Europe, the world was ruled by sharpness of the sword and by size of the axe. The Vikings had many enemies among all other nations, but even so, their raiding was successful for many years. But one day, something extraordinary happened. Chief of Viking tribe was able to seize something unimaginable - a firearm somewhere from the future. Immediately, he realized how much power the weapon gives him, and that his nation could become the most powerful in the world. In A Gun In Time games you must do your job and survive in these extreme conditions. You have no idea how you landed in this place. All you know is that you have a gun to protect yourself. You need to fight all the nasty creatures to survive. Upgrade weapons to improve your fighting skills. Let's face it together! Will he manage to destroy all his enemies? Have fun.
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