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Description: A new experience awaits you with this new Bmx driving challenge online. If you like bikes and want to make tricks and front flips, here on brightygames we have prepared a new challenge called BMX Trial Mania. Street Riding BMX is usually in public places such as the town square and other spots that have a lot of obstacles that allow for various tricks to be performed. Street BMX makes use of things like pavement curbs, staircase guiderails, stairs, and other street items.This style is one that varies a lot based on location because different streets have a whole range of different obstacles to use for tricks.

Control: Space u2013 Jump, X-superman, C - Tail Whip. Use arrow keys to steer and ride the BMX hold up arrow key when you reach the top of the ramp to be able to make the trick and land safely on the road.

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